FISTF World Cup

The First Subbuteo World Cup was held back in 1970.
It was originally organized by Waddingtons, Subbuteo brand owners, every four years at the same time as the football World Cup
Only two categories (seniors and U16) and one player per nation were involved.FISTF took over in 1994 in Paris, starting an annual World Cup from 1996, with then 6 categories (Open, Ladies, Veterans, U19, U15, U12) playing individuals and nation teams events.

Many detailed historic informations can be found on the English wikipedia of Subbuteo .

Today & past World Cups


2017 - France - Elancourt

2016 - Belgium - Framerie

2015 - Italy - San Benedetto

2014 - Belgium - Rochefort

2013 - Spain - Madrid

2012 - England - Manchester